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Out of Control Drug Pricing Business Discussion – coursefighter.com

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A current event in health care policy is out-of-control drug pricing. “When it comes to prescription drugs, the problem is the price” (Caramenico, Jan., 2019). Drug manufacturers are taking advantage of a broken market for their own financial gain being there is lack of competition, transparency, and accountability in the prescription drug market. As a result, everyone pays more. Health insurance providers continued finding solutions that can lower drug costs while ensuring access to new medications.

As a healthcare professional, this issue has several concerns for me. I have known patient not t be able to take their medications or the incorrect dosage due to the inability to afford their medications or the medications are not covered under their prescription plan. There are times a patient is instructed to take a medication twice a day, but will just take one a day, again because of the cost. Another concerning issue is when insurance will not pay because they feel the medication is not justified.

Community health nursing can be involved as a change agent for related healthcare policies. “The more a nurse knows about the political process, the more he or she tends to become involved” (Nies, & McEwen, p. 166, 2016). Nurses can become politically active by assuming leadership roles. We can use local and state resources or even national advocacy groups to gai understanding of current issues. As nurses we must see ourselves as professionals and know that we can be influential becoming involved and address issues for he health and well being of the public.

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