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Working on a Concept of Operations for a small clothing manufacturing company

Command Organization~

Administrator and Main Components – discuss the following items and their importance in a clothing production plant/production process

Production Process – production plan, acquiring bids/purchasing, ordering supplies, production, shipping, production manager, packaging, manufacturing equipment, suppliers (managing suppliers/working with suppliers – quality, inventory)

Other departments involved with manufacturing (HR, Finance, Training and Development etc)

Benefits of lean systems and just in time approaches

Issues in managing suppliers/buyer relations

Capacity planning and decision making

Analyze the impact of contraints/bottlenecks on a manufacturing process

8.) Concept of Operations~

a) a quality improvement plan

Quality Improvement – discovering every opportunity to leverage existing and new infrastructure to increase system performance.

In a clothing manufacturing production plant – what quality metrics would be important(include workers, management, other stakeholders) and describe how each quality metric supports the operation. What costs are associated with things like this

b) a process improvement plan

what kinds of risks are associates with production/the production process of a clothing manufacturing plant? How can manufacturing processes in this industry be improved (what can the operational staff do? What continuous improvement processes could be implemented?)

Risk Reduction – forcing the sometimes painful but always beneficial process of predetermining every aspect of the system before it is procured or implemented