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The area I will be discussing is Brooklyn, New York . According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population is about 2,648, 771 as of July 1, 2017. It is a diverse borough of people of different cultures. According to the recent census, Brooklyn would be the third largest city in the United States after Los Angeles and Chicago. 7.3. % of the population is under the age of 5 years, 22.9% under the age of 18 years, 13.5% is 65 years and over and female represent above 52% of the population.

Recent census reported that 49.2% of the population is white alone, 34.3% African American or non-Hispanic, 12.8% are Asian, 2.6% are two or more races (non-Hispanic). 19.1% of Brooklyn’s population is Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin (from any race).

Talking about the economic aspect of the city, the median outcome in dollars per hundred was nearly $53,000.

In Brooklyn, the primary health issue that is affecting the community is premature death. It is defined as death before the age of 75. According to the experts, premature death is an indicator of poor health in the community. 18% of the community has poor or fair health, 23% are obese, 15% are adult smoking, and 8% are low birth weight, 22% teen births, 19% excess drinkers, 27% physical inactivity.

Heart disease, which is commonly referred to cardiovascular disease, is a condition that involves blocking or narrow vessels which lead to stroke, chest pain or heart attack. There are other heart conditions which form part of heart disease such as failure in heart muscles, rhythm, and valves. In Brooklyn, united states, it is estimated that about 610,000 people die due to diseases where coronary heart disease is the common type with an estimate of 370, 000 deaths. In a year, 735 000 people suffer from a heart attack where 523,5000 is their first heart attack while 210,000 is subsequent heart attacks (Nies & McEwen 2015). Cardiovascular causes 40% deaths where 7.4% of this as estimated to be adults while 20% are those aged above 65 years. Stroke, on the other hand, affects 795 of people in Brooklyn and about 130000 of these people die a year. It is estimated that in every four mins, an American die due to stroke.

There are various symptoms that amount to heat disease which sometimes may differ from male to female. One may experience shortness of breath, extreme fatigue, nausea, and chest discomfort. There are others like weakness in legs, numbness, and pain in the throat, neck, back and neck jaw (Sharma et al 2016). Sometimes it is until one experience heart failure, stroke or angina to be diagnoses of a heart attack. Sometimes heart disease can be caused by abnormal heart such shortness of breath, fainting, and slow heartbeat, racing heart and fluttering in the chest. Brooklyn is also known for the unhealthy lifestyle that it’s displayed. The city is filled with fast-food restaurants, barbecue in the streets, sweets and liquor stores in every corner. Also, many restaurants offer food with spices and high sodium, which contraindicated for heart disease. In order to prevent heart disease, Brooklyn has established strategies to help prevent this disease. Such measures may be similar as adopted by the rest of the world such as regular exercise, avoiding the use of tobacco, eating healthy heart disease, maintaining a healthy weight and getting quality sleep.

In conclusion, heart disease condition causes many deaths not only in Brooklyn but also in various parts of the world. People need to adopt the best lifestyle to prevent chance and deaths caused by heart diseases. It is recommended people to exercise regularly to burn parts which are said to be causing many heart conditions.


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