My personal mission statement. –

My personal mission statement. –

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Submit Assignment: My Personal Missiong Statement/Reflective Paper

Answering the question of “who” you want to be as a coach is an important self-discovery and reflective question. Along the same self-reflective lines, answering the question of “why” you coach is just as important. Is your purpose centered on service to the athletes you coach, or is it a model where the athletes and their success are there to promote your own personal agenda? As you ponder the question, please allow yourself discernment and proceed with an honest reflection. It is important to understand that the athletes you coach could most certainly answer that question for you, and probably relatively quickly. Your actions, and interactions while leading athletes will tell them all they need to know about what they feel your purpose is in coaching them.

As you prepare to write your personal mission statement, ask yourself the following: “If I were to win the National championship, would I be totally fulfilled as a coach? What would I want to see in the eyes of my athletes in the locker room right after the game? What would I want to feel in relation to them in that moment? Would what you want to see and feel from them be any different if you lost the national championship game?”

You are challenged to believe that the job/role of a coach is a calling. God has placed in front of you the opportunity to influence a generation of athletes. How will you influence them? What is your purpose? What is your mission?

In addition to the questions above, work through the following questions in preparation for writing the mission statement assignment that you will submit:

  • How does coaching benefit you personally?
  • Do you see coaching as a calling or a job? Explain.
  • How do you want to benefit the athletes and their future? Does it go beyond the sport? Does it go beyond the W/L? Explain.
  • When do you get inspired as a coach?
  • What would you regret most at the end of your coaching career if it were not to happen?
  • If you could create change in a large group of people, what would that change be?
  • As a coach, what are some of your talents? How can you use those talents to serve the athletes in your team/program?
  • What are your hopes from the relationships you might have with your athletes?
  • Generate a unique 3–5 sentence personal mission statement.

Submit Assignment: 3–5 Paragraph Paper

Starting with your personal mission statement, write a reflective paper on how the mission statement will guide you through the application of the 6 character skills that you chose for the discussion board, Who Do You Want to be as a Coach?

Also address how the implementation of your personal mission statement might affect the culture of trust in your program.

Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


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