Motherboard and CPU Discussion –

Motherboard and CPU Discussion –

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Task 2 Motherboard and CPU

The motherboard is the printed circuit board in the computer that allows parts of the computer to communicate. The CPU or central processing unit is held on the motherboard and is the ‘brains’ of the computer.

Learn what motherboards are.

  1. Read Chapter 4 in ebook All About Motherboards
  2. Watch Beginners Guide to Motherboards
  3. Watch 5 Things I Do When Choosing a Motherboard
  4. Read Types of Motherboards: All That You Need to Know.

Investigate how motherboards work.

  1. Complete the tutorial section 3 on system components including motherboard layout, internal and external connectors, motherboard components and form factors.
  2. Read Chapter 4 Configuring a Motherboard
  3. Read Chapter 4 Installing and Replacing a Motherboard

Learn about the CPU.

  1. Watch Introduction to Computers – Lesson 1 The CPU
  2. Work through the tutorial CompTIA A+ Exam Prep Section 5 on CPU

Make a one page graphic guide for the Motherboard and CPU that you can use in troubleshooting.