ME31 PMMA Polymer discussion- COURSE FIGHTER |

ME31 PMMA Polymer discussion- COURSE FIGHTER |

ME31 Engineering Materials

Information Project

(Project 1)

The purpose of this project is for you: 1) to gain experience with searching data resources on Engineering Materials; 2) learn in more detail about one of (or your only) favourite materials. In summary the project entails: “Pick a material and tell me about it!”

What you are to do is select a specific material (although the selection does not have to be approved by the Instructor, it cannot be generic [e.g., metal] but instead must be specific [e.g., 6061 aluminium metal alloy or PMMA polymer]). For the material chosen you will need to determine some material specifications, properties, attributes (availability, cost, fabricability, service life, colour, texture, etc.) that make this material unique and interesting to you. Also tell me about some of the applications for this material and why you think the material was chosen for those applications.

The report consists of two parts: main text and attached figures/tables. The format consists of characters with font size 12 (any sans serif font), 19 to 25 mm margins, single line spacing, and should not exceed three pages of text only (the number of pages of figures, tables, graphs or other illustrations is not restricted but should be appropriate to the number of pages of text; these figure, tables, and graphs should follow the text and should be properly called out and referred to in the text [e.g., Figure 1, Table I]). A typical expository essay format (e.g., first paragraph should contain a thesis and “roadmap’) should be used with appropriate (i.e., not ALL web-based) reference sources and citations included.

Grading is as follows (100 points total):

20 pts – Intro/thesis/roadmap 20 pts – Main body/discussion 20 pts – Conclusion/wrap-up 20 pts – References/citations 20 pts – Figures/tables including sources

The final report should be presented in print form and also submitted in electronic form to the digital drop box of the course website.