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MBA 560 Final Project Solar panel hood- COURSE FIGHTER |


Today’s electric car batteries have insufficient battery life and cannot complete long-distance travel. I want to design the hood of the car into a solar panel as an auxiliary charging device. During the car journey, the hood charges the electric car by absorbing solar energy, increasing the battery life of the electric car.

requirements of content:

Milestone One: Context, Need, Pricing
In Module Three, you will submit a short paper covering context, need, and pricing. This milestone establishes your chosen organization’s direction within the
marketplace. This is important because it drives the subsequent activities, milestones, and the final project. Without a strong sense of the organization’s purpose
within the marketplace, knowledge of consumer trends, and how to meet target market needs at the appropriate price, management is less likely to maximize
the efficiency of business activities and more likely to miss fully meeting the needs of its chosen target market. This milestone establishes how the organization
will differentiate itself from its competition through branding with a unique product or service offering designed to meet specific consumer needs or desires that
are shaped by their demographics, personality, or buying style. This milestone will be graded with the Milestone One Rubric.

requirements of formation :

executive summary
complete APA formatting
English proficient graduate-level writing