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Marketing, marketing homework help- COURSE FIGHTER |

Required textbook: Digital Marketing Essentials by Jeff Larson and Stuart Draper published by Stukent, Inc. ( I will give your access code this book through messenger after we finish bid and get started)

Part 1: ( maximum 300words)

For this exercise, you need to find a site that currently has few or no backlinks. To do this quickly, use Google to search for a generic business field that would likely have many small businesses (examples would include “accounting services”, “personal trainer”, “dog training”, “landscaping”, and many more). Find a link to a site that’s 10 or more pages deep in the search results. Note that you can confirm that the page has few or no backlinks using the resource from the last exercise…

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions.

1.What site did you explore for this assignment? Briefly explain how you found the site and why you think it has few or no backlinks.

2.Using tips from Chapter 4, describe an infographic, video or blog post (even if the blog doesn’t currently exist) you would create for the site to earn backlinks. Note that you are not required to actually produce the content; however, you should provide enough detail to identify the topic you would cover and the elements you would include in your linkable content.

3.Identify three sites you would want to link to your new content. Briefly explain why you chose the sites and what you would do to earn the desired backlinks.

4.Explain your feelings and reactions to this assignment.

Part 2: ( maximum 100words)

I found an interesting article in Forbes by one of my favorite contributors, Jayson DeMers. You can read the article at

What do you think of the article? Did this article clarify the information in your textbook? Did it add anything new?