Market and government and premodern world –

Market and government and premodern world –

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This is 2 part assignment.

. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.

Assignment 1:

1. Most automobile drivers probably exceed the legal speed limits somewhat when they think they can get away with it. Does this imply they would vote for higher speed limits if given a chance?

2. Each of the 10 families on a suburban block is likely to have its own power lawn mower. Why don’t families more often share a single lawn mower? Try to enumerate the principal transaction costs that stand in the way of such a cooperative arrangement.

3. Do the relative salaries of humanities professors and football coaches at major state universities reflect the relative value of football and humanities? Do they reflect the number of years that professors and coaches must spend acquiring an education? The number of hours they work? The difficulty or unpleasantness of their work? Why do the football coaches usually receive salaries that are so much higher, often even higher than the university president?

4. Should high school history and English teachers be paid as much as science and math teachers?

A. Suppose a school district pays all high school teachers with the same years of experience the same salary, regardless of teaching field, and that this produces a surplus of history and English teachers, and a shortage of science and math teachers. Would this create a case for salary differentials?

B. How could the problem of concurrent surplus and shortage be solved without paying science and math teachers more than history and English teachers?

C. Why has the policy of identical wages in fact produced shortages of science and math teachers, along with surpluses of history and English teachers in many school districts? What factors have contributed on the demand side? On the supply side?

Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.

5. The average length of response to each of the prompts should be between 375 – 400 words.

Assignment 2:

1. Attack or defend the following assertion and support your position with properly supported evidence and using appropriate technical vocabulary and concepts.

“While the Roman Empire did influence and change many aspects of those people it conquered, it also incorporated and was changed by those cultures and people. This mutual adaptation can be seen in various art forms.”

2. Identify the impact of the crusades on a specific art form. Provide evidence of this impact and describe the transformation using the proper vocabulary.

3. Select a new art form or radical change to an art form from this period that is impressive to you. (Consider the art of the Americas as well as Europe, Asia, Africa, and the rest of the world.) Provide a critical analysis of this art form with attention to form, function, and aesthetics.

4. Religion and spirituality continued to play a major role in the arts during this period. Focus on the impact of the Buddha on the arts. When and where are the most significant examples of this influence? Be specific and do not limit yourself to just one art form.

5. Study the impact Charlemagne and the other rulers of Carolingian period had on art and the role of art in society. While the period was relatively short, it had a significant impact. Identify, justify, and describe at least two of the most significant lasting influences of these rulers to the arts. Be specific and describe the impact focusing on form, function, and aesthetics.