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Lit Review Paper Resources –

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In this assignment, you will delve more deeply into an ethical or diversity issue identified in the previous assignment by conducting a literature review. Choose one of the issues you identified and research the literature concerning that issue. Provide a literature review, understanding that you will continue research throughout the course and make updates until you submit your final project. Your review should include relevant background on the issue, current empiricism (5 years), and a rationale for the need to address it.

Be sure to complete the following in this assignment:

  • Provide a rationale for a strategic intervention.
  • Contextualize the problem with empiricism and history or background, if applicable.
  • Select theories that best fit the problem and intervention strategy; reality test.
  • Recommend solutions to the issue.
  • Assess the role of the practitioner in supporting ethics and diversity in human services.

Additional Requirements

  • Font: Use 12-point Times or Times New Roman, double-spaced type.
  • Writing: Writing should be clear, organized, and free of errors; it should also follow professional standards.
  • Research: Use at least 10 academic and professional sources to support your work.
  • Length: Your paper should be 5–6 pages, not including the cover page or reference page.
  • Format: Follow all current edition APA style and format requirements.