Lesson 03 Article Review – coursefighter.com

Lesson 03 Article Review – coursefighter.com

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Article Review

Objective: Seek out recent news articles on a benefit related topic or issue and apply course learnings to understand, describe, and speak to the issue.

For this assignment, you will look up ONE article on the topic of group healthcare benefit costs. You can approach the assignment in one of two ways:

  • Choose one organization in the news because of group healthcare costs. Research one article on the issue. The article should present at least two different viewpoints.


  • Choose one issue having to do with group healthcare costs. Research a recent article on the issue. The article can support or refute the issue.

For each approach, the article should be at least 500–1000 words. The article should be less than a year old and from a source that can be reviewed online.

In an essay of 500 words (minimum):

  • Describe the issue or the organization affected (what your essay is about).
  • Briefly summarize the article; be specific about how it relates to group healthcare benefit costs.
  • Describe what you think the issues are, who is involved and barriers to resolution.
  • Discuss what approach you might take or suggest to improve the situation.
  • Attach a link to the article with your essay, and remember to cite your sources properly. APA Style resources for citation.