Keiser University Ethics of Theresa Schiavo Case Discussion –

Keiser University Ethics of Theresa Schiavo Case Discussion –

Humanities –


For your final project, you will be discussing issues related to ethics. These are controversial and heated topics, so there will be plenty to discuss. Specifically, you will be reading about Theresa Schiavo, which was a very heated case in 2005.

Please follow these directions:

1) Read the timeline of the Schiavo case at:…

2) Do some of your own independent research on Terri Schiavo. You must have at least five (5) sources cited in your paper.

3) Analyze the research in order to determine who was ethically correct in your opinion; the husband or the parents.

4) Write a persuasive research paper on your findings, thoughts, and opinions. Pick a side, and defend it.

5) Your paper should be at least three (3) full pages, but no more than five (5) full pages. You should have two additional pages: one with your sources, and one as a cover page.

6) Please cite to all sources using either footnotes or endnotes. If you are unfamiliar with this, please refer to the APA website for formatting help: (

7) Use quotation marks properly when citing your sources. Again, please refer to the site above for help with quotations.

8) No more than 20% of your paper can be a direct quote. I want YOUR analysis, not something that is copied from a website.

9) Submit your paper by 11:59 PM (EST) on Sunday of Week Three.

10) Your paper should have one-inch margins all around, typed in Times New Roman (12″) font, and must be saved as an MS Word document (doc.).

Your grade will be based in the following criteria:



Persuasiveness of arguments


Grammar / spelling


Proper use of citations