JavaScript Webpage & HTML Headers Project- COURSE FIGHTER |

JavaScript Webpage & HTML Headers Project- COURSE FIGHTER |

(I’m re-posting having changed the amount of time on this). The attachment has the table included for the 2nd webpage. There is not a need for an extensive write-up following the two webpages.

Read everything before bidding.There are two webpages that are needed with HTML headers, but then JavaScript script.

1st Webpage:

In this part of the Application, you calculate a simple sum from input values. Create a new page in your website. Write a standard head and a script tag in the body. In the script, use prompt methods to collect three numbers from the user. Then, use alert methods to display the sum and the product of the three numbers. Note what happens if one or more of the inputs is not a number. Try to explain this behavior. Submit your page to the W3C Validator ( and correct all errors.

2nd Webpage:

You are asked to make a chart.The chart I’d like is Celsius to Fahrenheit, Celsius is on the left below, Fahrenheit is on the right.

Decide on what table you will calculate in this Application and create a new, appropriately named, page in your website. Complete the XHTML code for the head and create a shell for the body. Write an appropriate headline and introductory paragraph and also the XHTML for the table and its header row. Link to this newly created page from your home page.

In place of the data rows for the table, write a <script> tag. Specify text/javascript as the type and as the source (src), use the XHTML page name with the .js extension. For example, if your page is named table.php, use the name table.js as the JavaScript source file.

Now create the table.js file, where you write the JavaScript code. Use a loop that generates one row of the table each time it executes. The document.write function lets you generate both XHTML tags and content for the page. Remember to start and end each row with the <tr> and </tr> tags, and to use the <td> and </td> tags to enclose the calculated values you want to display. The example below calculates 15%, 18%, and 20% tips for meals costing between $8 and $25.

Submit your pages to the W3C Validator ( and correct all errors. (Note: You may ignore an error concerning placement of the script element.) Include screenshots of the results in your submission. Include the full XHTML code for each page and screenshots of the pages as your web browser displays them. Summarize the steps you followed to create and perfect the website.ßsteps can be VERY short, I can type out an elaborate on them.