Israel – Report –

Israel – Report –

Business Finance –

in addition to my first portion which you completely earlier: (4- 5 pages double spaced)

Group Project Format


  1. Environmental Assessment (for entire country) Sabrina

Physical Setting

Map of country

Population density and distribution

Major cities and possible sites for locating operation Economic Factors

Current employment rate

Minimum wage and prevailing wages

Average income, in local currency and US$ equivalent Purchasing power parity

Income distribution

Membership in regional trading blocks Major industries and products

Labor Force

Labor unions (if any)

Quality and availability of labor force Population education, literacy levels, and skills

Special issues affecting expatriate workers (if any) Government sponsored training programs

Legal and Political Environment Assessment of political stability and risk

Employment law that may impact your business plans or strategies Requirements of any trading block memberships

Immigration law

Work permits for foreign workers

Work rules for spouse of expatriate workers (if any) Culture

Language (s)

Religion (s)

Dominant cultural values Work motivation and practices Values, beliefs, and attitudes Gender attitudes and issues

Hofstede dimensions (optional) Other cultural issues for expatriates