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Interview paper, management homework help- COURSE FIGHTER |

To be an effective sport leader and manager requires many attributes and skills, as we have learned in this unit. A great

way to network and to learn about what it takes to be an effective and successful leader in sports is to interview someone

in the sport industry. Through this experience, you will gain knowledge and information on the daily tasks, roles, and

responsibilities to make your way in the sporting environment.

For this assignment, you are asked to visit a local facility in your area to view the operations and procedures performed at

the facility and to conduct a personal interview with the director or manager. Contact this person, and schedule a day and

time for this visit.

If this is not possible you can make up the conversation based on what and how you think it would be. Ie. you need to make up the name,position, and place they work and the answers to your questions!!! The answers to the questions need to be thought out as if you are the actual owner or manager.

Create at least 10 questions to ask this individual. The following sport-related topics are suggestions that may assist you

as you generate your questions:

 sport management theories;

 responsibilities and duties;

 best practices in sport;

 leadership strategies;

 management concepts;

 labor-management relations;

 organizational management and behavior in sport;

 effects of politics, media, globalization, and the economy in sport;

 ethical issues in sport management; and

 skills required in the sport industry.

Please provide the answers to the questions you ask the interviewee, and include a section that discusses how this

experience has helped you in your educational journey to better understand sport management, leadership, and best

practices in sport.

Include the following elements in your project:

 Title page: Include your name, the assignment title, and the name of the university.

 Introduction: Introduce your interviewee, and describe his or her title/position for the purpose of this assignment.

 Body: List the questions and responses from your interview.

 Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion that wraps up the elements of the interview, including how this experience

has helped you in this section.

 Reference page: If you use content from the textbook, be sure to include this as a source on your reference page.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. Your paper should be

typed in 12-point, Times New Roman font; be double-spaced; and include page headers. References and in-text citations

should be formatted using APA style.

When you conduct an interview, it is important to properly cite the information that is being communicated by the

interviewee. Citations for personal communication should be included in-text only; a matching reference citation will not be

included since the transcript of your interview cannot be retrieved. Examples on how to properly cite personal

communication in-text are provided below:

T. S. Smith (personal communication, January 20, 2016)


(T.S. Smith, personal communication, January 20, 2016)