Interactive Assignment –

Interactive Assignment –

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Prior to beginning work on this assignment read Chapter 4 in Radvanovsky (2013) and Chapter 2 in Sylves (2015).

For this interactive assignment, you will take on the role of a Homeland Security professional. This week, you are presenting a lightning talk at a national conference for Homeland Security officials. You will create a five minute maximum screencast presentation of a PowerPoint on theories of public policy and management. For the screencast portion, you may use any screen casting platform you wish. (Quick-start guides for Screencast-O-Maticand Jing are provided for your convenience.)

Create your PowerPoint presentation including the following elements

  • Explain the concepts of risk assessment and risk analysis as they pertain to the scenario you choose in Week Two.
  • Evaluate the ethical and legal issues of risk assessment and management as they pertain to the scenario you choose in Week Two.
  • Summarize how the theoretical concepts of public policy and management could be applied to risk assessment and risk analysis within Homeland Security.

Include visual enhancements in your presentation. These may include appropriate images, a consistent font, appropriate animations, and transitions from content piece-to-content piece and slide-to-slide. (Images should be cited in APA format as outlined by the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Students may wish to use the MSCJ Where to Get Free Images guide for assistance with accessing freely available public domain and/or Creative Commons licensed images.) It is recommended that you access Garr Reynolds Top Ten Slide Tips (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that provides useful assistance with creating successful PowerPoint presentations.

After you have created your PowerPoint, you will create a screencast of your presentation. Your screencast may be three-five minutes long, but may not exceed five minutes. (It is highly recommended that you create a script and/or speaker’s notes for your PowerPoint to ensure that your screencast will meet the time requirements. This will also allow you to practice your presentation prior to recording it.) Once your screencast has been created, copy and paste the URL to your screencast into the initial post and attach your PowerPoint presentation to the post prior to submitting.