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Implementing Transformational Change, management homework help- COURSE FIGHTER |

The most complex and highest risk changes that occur within organizations generally have an IT infrastructure change components, e.g., the implementation of the Affordable Care Act required online marketplaces to be developed such as As happened in this one case, we can see that there can be significant challenges that occur, the kind of changes that have high risk associated with them. In some cases, a failed project can possibly bring down/cause an entire organization to fail.

Consider what special issues might arise with the implementation of a new information technology system. Discuss how this change might impact other aspects of an organization’s system, and what intervention strategies you would prescribe to mitigate any risk associated with these changes.

This is an open-ended question, and as such you should consider the question in its broadest sense. As a way of considering all the potential areas, you may want to use the Burke Litwin Model as a framework to ensure that you are covering all the specific areas.

Provide examples and link your response to the course readings or additional resources.

Remember the guidance from Module 1 with respect to depth and breadth of your responses, and relating them back to literature and research.