I need someone to write a manifesto under following instructions- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

I need someone to write a manifesto under following instructions- COURSE FIGHTER | coursefighter.com

Part 1: Media artifact

Your media artifact is a reference object that provides a framework for you to put your manifesto in action while summarizing your intentions.

1. Consider how the form you select (numbered list, short video, audio recording, collage, letter, webpage, etc.) effects or supports your intention. Please look at some of the examples in the resource section on the next page to get a sense of possible forms.

2. Projects that identified a theme have been particularly successful in the past (e.g., “My Manifesto for page1image22569600[X Purpose] ”).

NOTE: If your media artifact is a physical object, or an audio/visual production, please include an image of it or a link to it in your written reflection (this will not count as part of your page total).

Part 2: 5-page essay

Your 6-page essay should accomplish the following tasks (see page length suggestions for each section):

  1. Articulate the following about your media artifact that represents your manifesto (about 1 page of the paper):
    1. In what way(s) it is meaningful to you;
    2. Why you selected it for this course and why you selected your particular form ofpresentation;
    3. Why you think you’ve selected an appropriate scope of work(e.g. not so easy for you to do as to be unnecessary and not so hard to do that you cannot make any meaningful progress on it in the second half of the quarter).
  2. Discuss how your project will serve as a bridge between an individual/personal experience and a social/institutional experience. This is the place to make use of Bronfenbrenner’s systems approach: micro-, meso-, exo-, and macro-. You’ll need to provide some discussion of how you’re mapping your personal ecology.(about 1-2 pages of the paper)
  3. Discuss how you anticipate your project will align with at least 2 of the course themes and/or concepts from readings, lectures, or the film covered between Week 1 & Week 5 of the course and listed below (NOTE: If you have an addition to the 6 options listed below, feel free to suggest it to me; These may include texts from related courses.).(about 2 pages of the paper)
    1. Becoming articulate, persuasive, or effective (Richen; King; Berger, Boudin, Farrow)
    2. Addressing approaches to civic participation (Bennett; Kawashima-Ginsberg & Levine,Richen’s The New Black; Smoke Songs)

2-parts to the assignment:

  1. Develop a Media artifact expressing your actual manifesto (your plan/values/concerns)
  2. 5-page written in-depth reflection



c. Addressing cultural citizenship (Rosaldo; King; Richen’s The New Black; Smoke Songs)

  1. Addressing youth, conceptually or practically (Bennett; Kawashima-Ginsberg & Levine; Richen; Smoke Songs)
  2. Addressing democratic approaches/philosophies (Dewey, Ranciere, +)
  3. Addressing evolving forms of media & practice (Documentaries, Bennett, King)

4. Discuss your plan for gathering evidence (types, frequency), reflecting & analyzing (codes, categories, patterns) and refining your approach. Be sure to specifically address how you’ll gather evidence about the bridge between individual/personal activities or experiences and social/institutional systems. Also address how will your plan will help you refine your understanding and approach to democratic practice. (about 1-2 pages of the paper)