I need help with an assignment, please. – coursefighter.com

I need help with an assignment, please. – coursefighter.com

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I need help with responding to, 2 of my classmates’ dicussions.

This is the discussion questions: Why do we need ethics and morals when we have laws? If we refer to a criminal justice professional as “ethical,” does that mean that the individual is also law-abiding and practicing “good policing”? Why or why not? In responding to your Classmates’ discussions, discuss whether you agree or disagree with their assessments and explain why.

I have to respond in 4 to 5 sentences for each Classmates’ discussion. Meaning 4 to 5 sentences for Classmate–1, and 4 to 5 sentences for Classmate–2.


Even though we have laws in place, there has to be ethics and morals instill in each criminal justice professional in order for the laws to be abided. Laws can be in place but if persons are not upright and has no form of morals or ethics then they are bound to break the law. Integrity, morals and ethics has to be characteristics of a good criminal justice professional in order for the justice system to work properly. If not, these same professionals would most likely start working with criminals then criminals would not be held accountable for their actions. As a result, there would be chaos and innocent people would suffer.

We can refer to criminal justice professionals as “ethical,” but, it does not necessarily mean they are practicing good ethics. Therefore, it does not mean the individual is law abiding and practicing “good policing”. The professional could pretend to be an upstanding worker in front of their supervisors and other colleagues at work, but, when they are working without supervision or no one is watching they could be breaking the law for their own personal need.


We need ethics and morals in addition to laws because ethics and morals represent a person’s character. It is possible for an individual to obey all of the laws, but at the same time not being a person of high morals or ethics. An example of this is an individual who cheats on his or her spouse but obeys all the laws of the criminal code. Recently in Massachusetts a Judge was found to have been engaging in sexual activities with a female court employee in his chambers. His activities did not violate any criminal laws, but he was removed from his position based on his unethical and immoral behavior.

If an individual is referred to as an “ethical” criminal justice professional, I believe that he/she is also law abiding and practicing “good policing.” The reason I believe this to be true is because in order to be considered ethical and have good morals and values, a criminal justice professional must also be following all the laws. It is difficult for me to imagine a police officer, lawyer or corrections officer that is considered ethical breaking laws. In order to be an ethical criminal justice professional, an individual must have the total package of ethics and be law-abiding.