I just need to proofread a short text – coursefighter.com

I just need to proofread a short text – coursefighter.com

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I need someone to read and revise this text. This is email for program directer of my college. I need it formally and grammatically correct.

Hello …………

I am in situation that leads me of taking a medical leave of absence due to complicated pregnancy. My due date is November 26, possibly earlier. I will be missing a fall and winter semesters, and should be back for Summer 2020. I wanted to ask you if there any chance of coming back for the following semester (Fall 2020). Unfortunately, I will not be able to receive all grants for summer semester (confirmed by financial aid) because these grants are only for fall and winter semesters. Also my child will be 6 months old at this time, I will have to sign him up for a day care which is very expensive for infants under 1 year of age. As well as, my oldest child who is 5 years old will be out of school for summer, so I will have to find a summer camp, which is another expense. Financial situation for me is crucial since I am not working. I was counting on my mother to help with children, but she will be able to come from Russia only in the end of July.

I apologize for writing all this story. I just wanted to let you know that it’s a big challenge for me. I would love to come back earlier and graduate earlier if not all this complication. Im just afraid, I can’t afford it for summer semester. And for the following fall and winter I will be fully covered.

I am responsible student, attending all the classes, not failing any of the classes. I would rather take a longer absence resolve all problems, than be missing classes during the semester, what I never did. While I am out of school Im planning to concentrate on Kaplans, so I get better prepared for the 7th semester and NCLEX.

Thank you for your time

Sincerely …………