How to respond to a students response 1 –

How to respond to a students response 1 –

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In the medical field, physicians and doctors have an understanding no matter what they do not talk about each other to the public. The medical staff may have their choice of words about other physicians with their fellow peers but anyone outside the medical environment will not hear a complaint about a medical staff member from another medical staff member. In the reading, The Law of Healthcare Administration it states, “Finding physicians in a particular town to testify against their colleagues and friends can be a daunting task; among trial lawyers, this situation is sometimes referred to as the conspiracy of silence (Showalter 2017 pg. 150).” I believe that the conspiracy of silence can have its positive and negatives regarding patients and physicians. This saying is good for the physicians as they have enough trust that another physician will not talk down about them to the public. As the patients want the best care and would try to persuade a nurse or physician to tell them who is the best when it comes to care. The physician and any other medical staff will not talk down or single out which physician gives best care. This can be a hinder to physicians and patients because by physicians not telling of each other to the public, there could be a case where it involves telling of a physicians practice and the other physicians will not be willing to testify against that physicians. This can come as a negative aspect as sometimes these cases involve patient care.

Reference: Showalter, J. S. (2017). The law of healthcare administration (8th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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