Help in Assignment 2 –

Help in Assignment 2 –

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Directions: Provide short answers of 250-350 words each for the following questions/statements. Use the assigned readings, lectures, and/or any other scholarly resources to support your responses. You must include a minimum of one resource as support for each question/statement.

1.Using the NAADAC Code of Ethics, identify and describe at least five standards that safeguard individuals participating in substance use disorders and addiction group counseling.

2.Explain the importance of obtaining an informed consent when facilitating an addictions group. Include the importance of discussing the group process from beginning of the group to its end.

3.Explain the roles of national and local ethical and legal standards (if any) when facilitating groups.

4.Explain what client welfare means. In your response, discuss confidentiality as it relates to a group setting. What do local and federal standards say about confidentiality?

5.After reading chapter 3 of TIP 41, explain the impact that diversity may have during a group process. In your response, address that diversity encompasses many areas including: underserved populations, socioeconomic status, language, acculturation level, traditions, belief systems, etc.