GOVT2305 Houston Community College President Trump Discussion –

GOVT2305 Houston Community College President Trump Discussion –

Writing –

All the instructions are in the uploaded document
*1200 words minimum
Discuss your beliefs and opinions about President Trump, his administration, what you think about his administration of the country, what you think his policies mean to your future, what his policies mean to our security in the world, to our economy, to our personal liberties.

First, begin by reading, analyzing the following articles and watching (and making a few notes on) the following videos.Describe what you read and see in your paper on what you have learned further about Mr. Trump.Document any factual information that you find in the following articles.You may also, if you wish, address any other issues you consider important to you, to your family, to your friends, to your community.You may use any other articles or information you want to include (but be sure, also to cite the sources, showing the URL and the information about the source, such as name of the newspaper or media outlet, date, etc., so I can review the source myself when grading your paper.)And you can agree or disagree with any of the following articles.This paper is about your beliefs and opinions.I respect whatever you believe and grade you on your work, not your opinions.

Second, watch the video regarding political socialization and read the linked material on political socialization and the process of how media plays a role in our socialization.

Do you believe how you were politically socialized has an impact on how you understand the Trump presidency?

Answer the following questions in your essay.Remember these answers are strictly confidential.This is an exercise or inventory to help you understand what influences your political views and socialization.

  • Where are you from—where did you grow up—and did your hometown, state, or country influence your political beliefs?
  • How did you learn about government growing up?
  • Did your family discuss politics?Were you encouraged or discouraged to participate in politics?
  • What agents of socialization influenced your political socialization?
  • How did the area of the country or the world you’re from help determine your political socialization? Did your experience with where you are from influence how you approach political issues and events?
  • Has college or high school made an impact on your political socialization?
  • Does media influence your thinking about politics?
  • Do your peers or friends influence your political thinking?
  • What is the first political event you can remember?Did living through or experiencing a political even influence your political socialization?
  • What influenced and how your political socialization—your parents, your religion, your peers, your school, the media, political events?
  • If you’re 18 or older and a citizen, are your registered to vote and have you voted before?Why or why not?
  • Based upon your political socialization, what is your reaction to Mr. Trump’s presidency (giving specific examples and reaction)?