Give your opinion on already posted response –

Give your opinion on already posted response –

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Much has been made of the new Web 2.0 phenomenon, including social networking sites and user-created mash-ups. How does Web 2.0 change security for the Internet? How do secure software development concepts support protecting applications?


The web 2.0 phenomenon is the advancement made on the design of application principles and techniques for the users to enjoy an enhanced web experience. Web 2.0 has brought a significant transformation on networking with multiple options such as adding content on the internet, downloading, deleting and editing (McHale, 2011). Additionally, the network connectivity enhanced by the applications established using RSS and Ajax, through web 2.0 has enhanced the interaction among the internet users and service providers.

Just like any other new technological advancement, web 2.0 has experiences some security breaches and vulnerabilities especially from the users’ end. Below are some of them.

Absence of authentication control. Some users may not have adequate knowledge regarding systems security vulnerabilities, and in the process of such users handling the website’s data, they may end up living some traces of data unprotected or use weak passwords which can give a hacker or unauthorized person a chance to access the system.

The other challenge is lack of Brute force control. In web 2.0, internet users may not have control over brute for attacks. Some users may have powerful passwords for their accounts but in an instance a user select “Save password”, then such account is prune to Brute force attacks.

To eliminate such web 2.0 vulnerabilities, software lifecycle development can assist by defining a procedure to develop, build, deploy, and secure an application right from its early stages. Lifecycle processes such as waterfall, RTC, Agile, and multiple methods can hinder security threats (Aruna, 2016).


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