Financial Statement –

Financial Statement –

Business Finance –

1. log in bb (log in will be provided)

2. click “courses” on top

3. select acc 303 on left side of screen

4. click “learn here weekly module” on left hand tab

5. select “module 2” then select “wileyplus online hw”

6. Click “DL chapter 02” it will lead you straight to the homework assignment


7. ANSWER 2 QUESTIONS (for help, each question has videos posted to view just click “video similar exercise”)

Click submit answer after each question to submit-otherwise work will be lost. there are 10 tries for each question

PART TWO– answer the following questions (use chapter two from Wiley plus textbook- not online sources)

  • Identify the sections of a classified balance sheet
  • Explain the three types of financial ratios and identify specific ratios and what they measure.