FINAL PART OF THE PROJECT: your recommendations for each of the discussed elements parts A-C. IT’S A 2 PART ASSIGNMENT –

FINAL PART OF THE PROJECT: your recommendations for each of the discussed elements parts A-C. IT’S A 2 PART ASSIGNMENT –

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Since you will have researched the current training system in parts A – C , your final course project will be a plan that outlines your recommendations for each of the discussed elements (e.g. training needs analysis, delivery, evaluation, etc.).

For example, perhaps through your unit research you have discovered that your selected organization is missing a quantifiable evaluation step in the training process. You would include your final project the suggested changes that you would recommend. These suggestions need to be supported with research (e.g. post-test evaluation is a key element of any training program according to Smith, 2008).

The final project will be completed in 2 parts. The first part will be the formal written plan to be completed in MS Word. The body of the paper will be 4-5 pages. This does not include extraneous pages like title page, reference page, appendices. APA formatting standards are required. A minimum of 10 scholarly resources need to be used (NO BOOKS, SCHOLARLY RESOURCES (I.E. JOURNALS, INTERVIEWS, ETC). An example of a scholarly resource can be an interview with an HR professional or a peer reviewed article from a University Library Journal Database. Course materials and personal experience do not count. A formal third person tone is required. Supplemental information (e.g. worksheets that are currently being used) can be presented in Appendices but do not count toward the body of the paper.

The second part will be a Power Point presentation that you would present to the stakeholders of the program that briefly outlines your plan. As is the case with the written plan, you should also properly give credit to your sources in the PowerPoint.



Addresses specifics of assignment demonstrating critical thinking abilities by synthesizing research and providing scholarly recommendations. A minimum of 10 scholarly outside sources used.

APA Formatting

All aspects of APA formatting followed.



Professional 3rd person perspective used with no spelling/grammar errors.


Professional presentation that provides highlights of recommendations based on scholarly research. Credit given to all sources following APA standards.