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Fashion X Company Business proposal- COURSE FIGHTER |

Business proposal (My topic): Manufacturing goods (clothes, shoes for kids, men and women) According to fashion session and these product productions will be done on developing countries like Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Africa and will export from there to here in Dallas, DFW area (our store). A big retailer shop where people buy these products at a low price compared to the product they buy from jimmy jazz, H&M, Nike and so on big named brand shop and clothes. We will provide the same quality in lower price. We will recycle old clothes and decrease our cost of production. We will do online too.

Summarizing these ideas please do these two contents following guidelines. And do not forgot to put counter argument on each page.

1.Introduction or executive summary(1.5-2 pages): This section provides a succinct summary of the features of the proposed business that would be most pertinent to a prospective investor; for example, a precise description of the product or service, why and how this product or service will sell to a particular market or demographic, a quick view of competitor in this business field ( and why your version of the product or service will sell successfully), the dollar amount(s) you are seeking from investors and the projected profits to be made by investors(and over what period of time).

If you want an actual investor to read beyond the executive summary or introduction, this section must be engaging, and fact informed. While you are “selling” the business idea, enthusiasm alone will not persuade a sophisticated investor, and hype will undoubtedly kill her or his interest in your plan. Make a strong case, but don’t, for example, exaggerate your anticipated market share or the short-term profit to be made.

2.Market analysis(4-5 pages): Based on research, identify the likely customers or clients for your product or service. Who are they, what are their consumer interests and patterns, where are they located, and how much will they spend on your product or service? What are the trends and challenges (risk included) for this market? What legislation or regulations in the effect or pending will affect your industry? Who are the major competitors, and how will you complete successfully with them? As you do research for this market analysis, consider especially the broad economic and political pictures that may affect your product or service (or your potential customers), cultural trends of importance to your proposed business, environmental impact, new technologies and energy and transportation issues that might affect your business. [Market size, location, market needs, market trend, market growth.]