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excellence in leadership 2 – coursefighter.com

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1. Define business ethics. Give an example of how it can be applied in

business. (6 marks)

2. Explain the three different leadership styles identified by Lewin. Identify

situations where each style is most appropriate. (15 marks)

3. One of the provisions of the WHS Act of 2012 (or Victorian OHS Act of 2017) is

consultation. Explain what consultation is and what are its aims? (8 marks)

4. Read the following excerpt from the ABCDecks Business Plan:

The core activity of ABCDecks is the planning, design, building and

construction, and/or renovation of house decks. The business will provide

a complete service, including free quotes and designs, building and

construction and all associated services, after sales maintenance and a seven-

year guarantee covering workmanship.

ABCDecks recognises the importance of environmental sustainability;

therefore, it is our commitment to only use sustainable materials in all our


Over the next 12 months, ABCDecks will undertake 25 renovation jobs

valued at $12,000 each. Over the next 12 months, ABCDecks will generate

$300,000 in sales ABCDecks will have a working capital of $41,000 by the

end of April. Over the next 12 months, ABCDecks will have served 30 new

clients, have quoted a further 200 clients and have completed projects of

$10,000 plus for 50% of clients.

Based on the information provided above, identify the organisation’s

mission, purpose, objectives and values. (9 marks)

5. How can organisations manage change successfully? Explain. (8 marks)

Part A total: 46 marks