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Evaluate a Business Ethical Issue – coursefighter.com

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Making 6-8 pages Powerpoint based on what you find. Also please put some speaking notes under each slides. The whole presentation should be around 5-8 mins. (so the speaking notes around 400-500 words is good enough)

Please use the Framework for Ethical Decision Making as a basis to evaluate a Business Ethical Issue Presented in the News. You must first define your understanding of the Company’s business strategy and stated Mission, Vision & Values.

You will then provide an overview of the Ethical Issue, Highlight any facts presented in the article, Evaluate the impact of that ethical issue on the Business’s stakeholders (customers, investors/stockholders, employees, suppliers, community, environment, etc.)

You can use the framework presented in the Chap2 slides and provide your analysis in bullets. Please “answer” each of the following six (6) major questions presented in this analysis.

I uploaded the slides for the lecture. The details of the framework are in Chap2’s slides. And this ” A FRAMEWORK FOR ETHICAL DECISION MAKING” link could also be helpful.https://www.scu.edu/ethics/ethics-resources/ethical-decision-making/a-framework-for-ethical-decision-making/

Thank you so much for your help.