Ethical and Legal Principles Discussion –

Ethical and Legal Principles Discussion –

Business Finance –

This discussion will directly support your executive summary, providing you with the opportunity to discuss the ethical and legal aspects that will have an impact on your final project.

In your initial post, discuss the following questions:

  • What are the ethical and professional standards that apply to your mobile marketing campaign?
  • What are the current state or federal regulations that need to be considered when implementing your campaign plan?
  • How will you address these considerations in your campaign?

Your answers to these questions will help you formulate Industry Standards and Regulations (part b) in the Execution section of your executive summary.

In responding to your peers, give feedback on their initial posts. Compare the ethical and legal issues of the company you selected with your peers’ companies. Are the violations the same or different? Include suggestions for improvement, as this will be the only opportunity for your peers to receive feedback regarding the Industry Standards and Regulations section prior to the final submission in Module Seven.

Refer to the Module Six Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.