Erin Andrews Invasion Of Privacy Criminal Justice Case Study- COURSE FIGHTER |

Erin Andrews Invasion Of Privacy Criminal Justice Case Study- COURSE FIGHTER |

Question: Please do an internet search and find out the results of the Erin Andrews invasion of privacy case that the Craig discusses in the assigned text. Write a commentary on your thoughts on the case.


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In the year 2008 September, Erin Andrews recorded a claim against a Marriot Hotel situated in Nashville, Tennessee and on Michael David Barrett for the attack of her security charges. The reason for this claim occurred as Barrett had adjusted the peephole of the journalist’s room so he could shoot the video of Andrews while she was bare. The Davidson County looks for 6 million dollars from Marriott inn and 4 million dollars from Michael David Barrett as expressed in the claim. Barrett later got a jail term for the wrongdoing which he was announced liable. Andrews’ claim expressed that she has been a casualty of the intrusion of security, carelessness and causing passionate pain. Barrett was conceded to all the asserted charges in the year 2009 to a government stalking charge and he was later condemned to two-and-half-long stretches of jail time. With these outcomes, the Hotel’s global representative and the chief of correspondences turned out and expressed that they have rolled out a few improvements to their visitor enlistment arrangement to ensure their visitor’s security (Mccann, 2016).

The laws on the intrusion of security are an exceptionally critical worry to each individual or an association holding pivotal or touchy data. It is everybody needs appropriate for their security to be ensured by the law and the charges against the assailants or people who denounced these laws ought to be charged entirely. There have been a few cases under the intrusion of protection despite the fact that the laws have been strict and extreme. It is for the people or the associations to know and careful keeping in mind the end goal to not be succumbing to such assaults and dependably remain caution (Fox, 2016).


Mccann, M. (2016). Will Erin Andrews be paid the $55M she was awarded in a lawsuit? More Sports Illustrated.

Fox, J. (2016, April 19). What the Erin Andrews case will mean for hotel security.


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A jury granted Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews $55 million in a civil lawsuit she filed against a Nashville Marriott lodging after a stalker taped her naked through her entryway’s peephole in 2008.

The video was put on the web, where it was seen a large number of times, and Andrews sued the lodging and the stalker for $75 million for carelessness, passionate trouble, and intrusion of protection.

The man who recorded her, Michael Barrett, conceded stalking Andrews and was condemned to 2 1/2 years in jail. He admitted that he orchestrated with the inn to remain in the room beside hers and changed the peephole keeping in mind the end goal to record her naked.

The safeguard group contended that Andrews’ profession had enhanced as a result of the video. The Chicago Tribune composes:

“The resistance group’s defective preface, for this situation, is essential that ladies in sports broadcasting are regularly sexualized, so obviously Andrews would profit by being uncovered this way.”

Andrews, in the interim, countered that the video could make a joke of her profession. She affirmed in court, saying mournfully that the episode has contrarily affected her life.

“I feel so embarrassed,” she said in her declaration. “This happens each day of my life. It is possible that I get a tweet, or some individual makes a remark in the paper, or some person sends me a still of the video to my Twitter, or someone shouts it at me in the stands. Also, I’m appropriate back to this.”


Laura Wagner., 7th March 2016, Jury Awards Erin Andrews $55 Million In Lawsuit Over Nude Video, Website:…


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