English Composition 1 – coursefighter.com

English Composition 1 – coursefighter.com

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Complete I:

1. Develop a thorough outline, including major and minor points, for final research paper, we can work on together.

Complete II (Grammar):

Review sentence fragments and run-ons on Purdue Owl – Fragments and run-ons. Re-write the sentences below, correcting sentence fragments, unparallel construction, or run-on sentences.

2. From the American South, a fusion of African and European traditions.

3. The earliest jazz bands emerged in New Orleans around the turn of the twentieth century here black gospel music and Latin American brass met.

4. Dixieland was spawned in the 1910s during the 1920s, many popular and influential jazz musicians found their way to Chicago clubs.

5. Began to spread the sound to other parts of the country.

6. New York City added piano, incorporating jazz, and through sales of jazz records, establishing the style firmly in American culture.

Complete III (Sources for the Research Paper):

7. Write the first draft of our final essay. This draft should be 800-1200 words. Please utilize the (Research Schedule Chart and Editing Checklist that is uploaded and check off the tasks you have completed up to this point) in this process.