Eastern Kentucky Crash Insurance Case Discussion – coursefighter.com

Eastern Kentucky Crash Insurance Case Discussion – coursefighter.com

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Assignment Instructions:

You must choose one question from Topic 7 (Question 1 or 2) and one question from Topic 8 (Question 3 or 4). You will be answering a total of two questions for this assignment.

  • Topic 7:Choose one from question number 1 OR 2
  • Topic 8:Choose one from question number 3 OR 4

Topic 7 Questions:

  1. Nicholas owns a laptop computer that was stolen. The laptop cost $1000 when it was purchased five years ago. A similar laptop computer today can be purchased for $500. Assuming that the laptop was 50 percent depreciated at the time the theft occurred, what is the actual cash value of the loss? (50 points)
  2. A drunk driver ran a red light and smashed into Kristen’s car. The cost to repair the car is $8000. She has collision insurance on her car with a $500 deductible. (Total of 50 points)
  1. Can Kristen collect from both the negligent driver’s insurer and her own insurer? Explain your answer. (25 points)
  2. Explain how subrogation supports the principle of indemnity. (25 points)

3.A manufacturing firm incurred the following insured losses, in the order given, during the current policy year? (50 points total)

Loss Amount of Loss

A $ 2500

B 3500

C 10,000

How much would the company’s insurer pay for each loss if the policy contained the following type of deductible?

1. $1000 straight deductible (25 points)

2. $15,000 annual aggregate deductible (25 points)

4. Explain the coordination-of-benefits provision that is typically found in group medical expense plans. (50 points)