Deontological Speech- COURSE FIGHTER |

Deontological Speech- COURSE FIGHTER |

Your neighborhood has gone through substantial change over the last few years. Much of this change is related to city-wide revitalization efforts. There have been numerous new houses, apartment buildings, and retail locations built as part of these efforts. As a member of a community outreach group you have been keenly aware of many of these changes. Not far from where you live, and next to some new housing developments, there is a vacant lot. This lot has recently been purchased by a developer who has announced that the development of the property will include a large portion of low income and subsidized housing. The developer worked with city officials on the plan for this property which is part of both the revitalization effort and a push to increase affordable housing across the city.

This plan has been met with opposition as well as support. It has caused enough of a stir that the city council has scheduled a town hall meeting with the developer and local community groups where the project will be explained in detail.

The community outreach group you belong to has publicly endorsed this plan with the large percentage of the property developed for low income housing. You have been asked to write a speech explaining the position of the group-that it believes the city has a duty to ensure affordable housing across the city. After discussing the speech with leaders of the group, these are the points you will need to address as you write the speech:

  • Explain what duty is according to Kant.
  • Explain how this view differs from other senses of duty.
  • Kant’s concept of the good will.
  • The relationship between a good will and duty for Kant.
  • The two formulations of the Categorical Imperative highlighted in the material.
  • How these formulations apply to the real world.
  • Using the foundation of Kant’s moral theory explain how there is a moral duty for the city to ensure there is affordable housing.
  • Express your view as a maxim.
  • How feasible is it to universalize your maxim?
  • How does your maxim fulfill/satisfy each of these formulations?

This speech will likely be 3-5 pages written. It must address all the points listed above and follow APA formatting.