Cuyamaca College Political Actors in US Government and Politics Discussion –

Cuyamaca College Political Actors in US Government and Politics Discussion –

Humanities –

In US Government and Politics, there are political actors. Political actors can be individuals, groups of individuals, or institutions. For example, the Executive Branch can be considered a group. Actors within the group include the President, Vice President, and Secretary of a department (such as the Secretary of Agriculture).

Below is a non-exhaustive list of political actors, by group, in US Government and Politics.

  • Group 1: Executive Branch
    • Actors include: President, Vice President, Secretary of a department (i.e. Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, etc.)
  • Group 2: The Media
    • Actors include: Liberal media, Conservative media, neutral media
  • Group 3: US House of Representatives
    • Actors include: Speaker of the House, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Minority Whip, Democratic Caucus Chair, Members of Congress
  • Group 4: US Senate
    • Actors include: Senate Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader, Committee Chairpersons, Committee Ranking Members, Senators
  • Group 5: US Judiciary
    • Actors include: Supreme Court justices, Circuit Court judges, or District Court judges
  • Group 6: State Governments
    • Actors include: Liberal governor or attorney general or state Supreme Court, Conservative governor or attorney general or State Supreme Court
  • Group 7: The Public
    • Actors include: residents, citizens, eligible voters, likely voters, voters, and constituents of elected officials
  • Group 8: Interest Groups (IG)
    • Actors include: agricultural IG, business IG, social justice IG, environmental IG, oil IG, gas IG, science IG, education IG, etc.

Assignment: Select 4 Groups

Choose 4 groups you are interested in and explain why. You should have at least 2 sentences for each group. The first sentence declares which group you chose. And the second sentence explains why. Therefore, your submission should be 8 or more sentences.

Of the 4 groups you selected, chose 1 group that you will represent.