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You must utilize textbook Criminology:The Core, Author Larry J. Siegel 6th Edition chapter 6 and 7

You have to cite the textbook APA style.

Choose one question. Your answer should incorporate and refer to concepts/ideas found in your unit readings as well as personal examples and illustrations.

Chapter 6

  1. How might the technological age, with more people staying indoors on computers and looking at their smartphones when they are outdoors, affect collective efficacy? Would communities with people who don’t interact with their neighbors affect crime in the area, and if so, how?
  2. Read about “The Respect Game” on pages 180-181 in their textbook (edition 6). Discuss the following questions: A youth who communicates an image of not being afraid to die and not being afraid to kill has given himself a sense of power on the street. Did a similar code exist in your neighborhood or high school? Can you relate this code to bullying? Can you provide validated research that has been done on this topic?
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences between Miller’s focal concerns theory, Cohen’s theory of delinquent gangs, and Cloward and Ohlin’s theory of differential opportunity.

Chapter 7

  1. Discuss what constitutes good and bad parenting. What are some examples from your childhood that you think were examples of good and bad parenting? What would you do differently if you had children? What studies have been done on this and what are some major findings?
  2. Discuss examples of peer pressure to engage in delinquent activity. Why do some children seem immune to peer pressure and do not engage in delinquency, whereas others are more prone to peer pressure and are easily pressured into delinquency? Is there a connection to parental efficacy?
  3. Discuss Figure 7.2 on page 206 in your textbook (edition 6). Which techniques of neutralization might a rapist use? How about a robber? Why would a criminal use different neutralization techniques based on the crime being committed?