Create an marketing and promo strategy –

Create an marketing and promo strategy –

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Demonstrate a promotional approach that embraces the integrated marketing communications (IMC)

Demonstrate an appropriate mix of advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling. include the internet and social media, too, as appropriate to your promotional effort.

Describe your primary objective for your promotional approach. Outline this in terms of measurable tasks that you want to accomplish. What is the advertising goal to which you will measure success for your advertising expenditures? This is a complete description of your proposed promotion plan.

Describe each of your promotional activities that you envision as essential to ensure an integrated approach to promoting your product or your service. Describe your execution (i.e., your rollout plan) in accordance with the following format for any and all expenditures (the dollar figures will go into the IMC promotion budget).

Explain exactly what you will do, when—during the week/year—you will do it, and why