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SECR 5030Online Mid-TermExamYour Mid-Term Exam will consist of a single assignment. Conduct an informal assets protection assessment within your workplace. In your assessment, address the following three issues(risks)that you have discussed so far in thisclass:



â—¼natural disasters

First, provide a brief description of your workplace in terms of location, size, mission, type of people, and type of facility(characteristics that would affect the nature of the risk). Then, for each of the “issues†listed above, answer the following questions:

1.What factors exist in your workplace or organization that may contribute to the overallrisk associated with each of theseissues?

2.What mitigating measures are in place that may help prevent incidents or reduce the impact if an incident doesoccur?

3.What can be done in your workplace to improve the situation (reduce the risk) foreach issue?

4.What best practices can you identify in yourworkplace that can be applied to othersimilar organizations…or what best practices from other organizations could be applied in your workplace?


As part of your assessment, interview at least three people in your workplace -or somehow associated with your workplace (e.g., a client, a tenant, a security contractor, a property management company rep, a first responder agency rep, etc.). Summarize your findings in a 3 to 5 page assessment report. Use a format that could be presented to your organization’s management for their consideration.


Note: if it is not appropriate to conduct the assessment in your workplace (e.g., you are unemployed, work in asecure environment that you cannot report on, are self-employed or an independent consultant, etc.) you may use a former workplace, a client’sworkplace, the workplace of a colleague or some other accessible setting. Contact the instructor to discuss alternative “workplaces†for this assignment if you cannot use your own.