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Conflict Management Case Study- COURSE FIGHTER |

The eight member project team is a diverse collection of men, women, some with many years being with the company, some with only a few months, and all from various functional areas within the organization. The commonality they share is each of their functional area managers has selected them as experts that can support, perform and share in the experience of what is forecasted to be a successful project.
Like any typical week, Andrew, aka, project manager is scheduled to meet with the project team for an hour to give each member opportunity to report using the three prompts: (1) what I have accomplished during the past week, (2) what I intend to accomplish during the next week, and (3) any impediments/barriers that need to be address.
This meeting would also mark the milestone of 50% completion for the project. Meaning, they are half-way to being finished with the project. This is Andrew’s third project at the company that he has managed and he is feeling quite confident that everything is going smoothly.
As Andrew prepares the meeting’s agenda, he listed a discussion topic that would take place regarding the details of a task that is scheduled to be complete in 10 days. Andrew knows the task is complicated and involves several members of the team. And everyone on the team is aware this task will either make or break the already tight schedule of the project. The task needs to be done within the assigned duration/time. Andrew would like to make sure everyone has clarity for their role and responsibility in order to meet the task deadline.
This is what happened
The meeting was going very well until the discussion focused on the (previously mentioned) critical task. Andrew realized the project team was in serious conflict over the details for what needed to be done. You could feel the tension in the air, people we taking sides, splitting the team. In other words, the meeting was a full-fledged disaster. Andrew not knowing what else to do, threw up his arms, announced the end to the meeting. He was the first to leave the room. Ultimately, the meeting ended with no resolution to the conflict existing within the team.
After some much needed reflection, Andrew knows he needs to prepare a strategy to resolve the now serious conflict between the team members. He accepts the fact that during the planning phase he and the team never worked out a plan for how conflict would be managed if/when it would arise during this project. Given the urgency for starting this project, Andrew only hoped for the best and decided there was not time during planning to address conflict.

You are required to individually:
Part I
Write a brief synopsis of the case study.
Part II
Discuss and answer the questions below in 2-3 short paragraphs submitted keep formatting of the numbered Q & A.
1. Analyze the way in which Andrew was exercising both his leadership and interpersonal skills as project manager in relation to this weekly meeting and the team members. What were his strengths and weaknesses?

2. Identify and analyze all possible types of conflicts that were at play in this case?

3. What recommendations to the company’s Project Management Office, Director, (Andrew’s supervisor) would you make relative to the support Andrew could benefit based on the case? Pay particular attention to political astuteness.
Part III
Write a detailed briefing for conflict resolution. Include key strategies that all project managers would find useful not just Andrew.

Include additional justification and evidence through creditable references to support your claims.
Page limit is 2 ½ – 3 pages. APA standard format. 1” margins, 12pt Times New Roman, double spaced. Please utilize the APA citation formatting for your references.