CON4000 Widener University Construction Control Paper Project –

CON4000 Widener University Construction Control Paper Project –

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This is graded homework. Include a problem statement with each problem. Put your name, course number, and page number at the top of each page.

These problems refer to the projects shown in Newitt Chapter 22, Managing Projects Using Microsoft Project. The projects are included on the CD in your textbook. Do not simply copy the files off of the CD – create them yourself. Format the output for each of the questions to print on a single page. Choose portrait or landscape orientation for each question to produce an easy-to-read product. For the requirements below, the Project Start date is Monday June 10, 2019. Prepare your reports as of Friday June 28, 2019. For the reports, show the project on schedule for critical activities, and 3 days ahead of schedule for non-critical activities.

1. Prepare a Project Manager’s Bar Chart as described in Report 2 (Pg. 288) and shown in Figure 22.15.Include all activities under a single summary task named “Warehouse” as shown in the figure.Format critical path activities to show in red.Format the bars to include progress status (This is default).

2. Prepare an Owner’s Tabular Report as described in Report 6 and shown in Figure 22.21. Follow the directions under “Report 5” to be sure that the report shows Late Start/Late Finish dates.

3.Prepare a GANTT chart schedule for the three floor office building shown under Report 11, Scheduling Repetitive Activities. Show the critical path.

a. Use the logic shown in Figure 22.29 for each of the three floors.

b. Include a summary task for each floor as shown in Figure 22.31.

c. You only have one crew available for each trade (Carpenters, Drywall, Carpet layers, etc.). Add logic relationships to ensure that the crews can only work on one floor at a time.Hint: follow the procedure outlined on page 300 and shown in Figure 22.32.