Complete Business Capstone Discussion Post NO PLAGIARISM –

Complete Business Capstone Discussion Post NO PLAGIARISM –

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M2D1: Do Managerial Ethics Really Exist Today and do Equal Opportunity Laws Truly Protect Employees?

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definition of Forum to explain discussionsLast week we had two discussions that we used to get to know everyone in the group and to explore the introduction to management. This week we have one discussion that covers managerial ethics and the equal opportunity laws used to protect employees. As you work within this discussion and share ideas and thoughts, please consider the knowledge you gain here and use this information in your SWOT analysis where applicable.

Do managerial ethics really exist today, and do equal opportunity laws truly protect employees?

For this discussion activity, you will complete your scavenger hunt by seeking out two real-world examples of organizations that have dealt with or are currently dealing with ethical issues. These issues can be positive or negative. It is easy to spot the negative examples. For this discussion, identify at least one positive example. Remember the examples for this discussion can come from any organization. If you do find applicable information on your own organization while working this discussion, please consider using it where applicable in your own SWOT analysis. These examples can be from current events, historical instances, or classic examples, in video or print.

Conduct a web search seeking two examples of organizations that are currently dealing with ethical issues. Identify one example of when you believe an organization has performed unethically and one example where an organization has gone above and beyond in the area of ethical behavior.

  • Discuss what you found during your web search.
  • Provide a description of how ethical issues can and do affect all managers and organizations.

In response to your colleagues:

  • Discuss any personal experiences you have had with ethics in the workplace.
  • Discuss any similarities or differences with your own perceptions.