Community Vocational School Gay Rights Through the Social Sciences Paper –

Community Vocational School Gay Rights Through the Social Sciences Paper –

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reexamine GAY RIGHTS now through the social sciences. In initial post, address the following:

  • Describe or summarize your previous topic.
  • How has your understanding been affected by the social sciences lens?
  • How does the social sciences lens support the lens you previously used?

In responding provide feedback on their topic analysis and describe the value of the social sciences lens for understanding diversity. first post 2 respond to The topic I previously addressed was that of the US/Mexico border wall and its impact on immigration. When discussing the topic from a historical perspective, I gained insight as to how the two sides got to where they are. I learned what happened throughout the years to cause people to be on both sides of the argument, with some wanting a wall, and some adamantly against its construction. Arguments range from human rights and the benefits of diversity, to crime statistics and outright bigotry. Why is this an issue, however. Based on research in 2016 over 10.6 million undocumented immigrants lived in the United States (pew, 2018). With such a high number, the social science lens can explain why so many from Mexico come to the US.

This feels like a dirty secret Americans all try to keep. An elephant in the room we all pretend doesn’t exist. US labor laws are very good when compared to most of the world, but those don’t tell the entire story. Many Mexican citizens come to the US for opportunity. Many leave family at home so they can come and work difficult jobs so they have money to send back home. As many are undocumented, work is difficult to find. As a result, many Mexican immigrants take labor jobs, working in fields or factories, and being paid less than minimum wage under the table in cash. Nearly all Americans know it happens, but few take action to help. If the employees were paid minimum wage, the prices of fruit and vegetables, along with countless other goods, would drastically increase. If the workers had to be documented, the workforce would be too small and many products would simply not be made. Pro-wall activists claim American jobs are being stolen, but immigrants do many jobs that others are unwilling to do……Second post to respond 2…The topic I’m going to revisit from earlier in the course is immigration. Quick recap from my week 3 discussion. I talked about the history of immigration in the U.S. from the 1880s through the 1920s. During this time the U.S. opened itself up to over 20 million immigrants and the U.S. was welcoming to these individuals because most came in ready to work hard and make a better life for themselves. And how now people assume that immigrants who come to the country are here to freeload our benefits by bringing kids or pregnant women to give birth once in the U.S.

By doing more research and understanding who and why immigrants come to the U.S. I have better educated myself in the subject since my week three post. Understanding the sociology behind why these people are leaving everything to come here and knowing they might not make it or if they do not be able to stay really has changed how I’ve looked at the issue. For example, people think freeloaders wanting to live off our dime, but the truth is most of the people coming here are fleeing their home countries because of gangs threatening to kill families or having kids kidnapped to be sold as sex slaves. society and news are to focus on the easy story and that hides the real reasons behind the surge.

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