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Learn more about the nonverbal messages you send by interviewing someone who knows you well: a friend, family member, or coworker. Ask your interview participant to describe how he or she knowswhen you are feeling each of the following emotions, even though you may not announce your feelings verbally. Include their descriptions of your nonverbal emotions in the response.


Anger and/or irritation

Boredom or indifference



Worry or anxiety

1. Which of these nonverbal behaviors do you display intentionally, and which are unconscious?

2. What functions do your nonverbal behaviors perform in the situations your partner described: Creating/maintaining relationships, influencing others, concealing/deceiving information, managing impressions?

Example Answer:

Anger and/or irritation. My brother Jonathan revealed to me that he knows when I am angry when my mouth is tightly pursed, I fold my arms across my chest, and I seclude myself in silence. I usually do not consciously know my mouth gets tight and I fold my arms when I respond to anger, but I am consciously aware that I like to be alone when I am angry. I usually remain quiet when angry as to manage how I form impressions. I do not want to say anything that I will regret, that will damage my rapport with my family, or cause people to view me as a disagreeable person.

Answer every question/inquiry stated by posting directly in to the journal forum ( no file attachments) .This assignment must be typed at a minimum of 250 words, 12pt font Times New Roman, using APA format for citations, edited and proofread for grammar.