Communicating in the Workplace Blog Entry –

Communicating in the Workplace Blog Entry –

Business Finance –

Write a 700- to 1,000-word blog entry in your own words on either PhoenixConnect or another blogging platform of your choice. Imagine the blog is directed to an audience of business colleagues and peers in your industry.

Include the following in your blog entry:

  • A discussion of a time where you were a victim of information overload during a business presentation and how the presenter could have restructured the presentation to avoid the overload situation. If you do not have an example to draw from, discuss “how to” techniques used to prevent information overload.
  • A discussion on how the design elements of consistency, balance, restraint, and detail are even more crucial for business messages in an electronic or mobile setting
  • A discussion of your current proofreading process, and what tools and strategies you will employ from the textbook to improve your overall proofreading process
  • An application of best practices for adapting to your audience using best standards in business communication
  • A discussion of best practices for listening skills in a business setting and why these skills are necessary.

Note: All of the topics above are covered in the Week 2 reading assignments.

Tip: The main thing I look for when grading is how well you can explain the topics listed above in your own words based on the weekly textbook readings and other class learning activities.

There are two options for submitting this assignment. You can format your blog paragraphs with the APA Template and submit to the Assignment Files tab. Alternatively, you may submit a Word document with a link to your actual blog entry.