Case Study on Memphis Model –

Case Study on Memphis Model –

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Resources: City of Kelsey Demographics; Critical elements of the crisis intervention team model of jail diversion: An expert survey and The National Alliance on Mental Illness website

Navigate to the City of Kelsey Demographics:

  1. Click the Virtual Organizations link.
  2. Click Government.
  3. Click City of Kelsey.
  4. Click City Government.
  5. Click Kelsey Profile.

Review the city demographics.

Create a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) proposal for the City of Kelsey based on the Memphis Model. Use the City of Kelsey to obtain the following demographic data:

  • Population
  • Demographic
  • Socioeconomic status

Include the following in your proposal:

  • The goal of the program

Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

include a title page with headers and numbers, reference page, intext citations,no plagiarism… have to look up the city of Kelsey for reference info!