Case Study: Nike –

Case Study: Nike –

Business Finance –

In 350 words or more per question, please answer the questions below. Min of three scholarly resources.

1. In a narrative format, discuss these firms from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in “real time.” Remember to use the narrative format in your summary.

2. Some critics—citing previous allegations of sweatshops—have argued that Nike has not been ethical in its approach to production in developing countries. Is this criticism warranted? Why or why not? Additional Internet research may be required to support your position. This question is very straightforward.The crux of the matter in this analysis question is, “Is this criticism warranted? Why or why not?”You need to open your essay with a clear thesis statement in the style, “This criticism is warranted (or not warranted) because…” Make sure you support your answer by citing applicable views of ethics discussed in Chapter 5. Note, as well, that additional research is required in order to make a convincing case.

3. How has Nike accomplished considerable growth over the past two decades? Can this continue? Why or why not? In this essay, you will identify the strategies that have led to Nike’s growth.Hint: Growth is part of Corporate Strategy.Use a clear thesis statement such as, “Nike has accomplished considerable growth over the past two decades through ….”Note that growth strategies are discussed in your READ assignment for this unit.In response to the second part of the question you need to identify Nike’s core competencies and assess the ability of such competencies to sustain the growth.

4. Suppose you are the CEO of Nike and the world is coping with an economic recession. Would you change the corporate strategy? If so, what changes would you make and why? If not, why not? The application question is specifically about changes you would make to the CORPORATE STRATEGY as a result of worldwide ECONOMIC recession.Be very clear in your focus on the corporate strategy rather than the other two levels of strategy. Note that the options available under corporate strategies are discussed in Chapter 6 of the textbook. Even if you recommend no change, you still need to identify the current corporate strategy and give reasons why it would serve well in an economic recession, and thus needs not be changed.