Capella University Human Resource Scorecard Implementation Presentation –

Capella University Human Resource Scorecard Implementation Presentation –

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HR Scorecard Implementation

You have developed the dimensions of your HR Scorecard for your organization, and now you are ready to implement it. The CEO has asked you to present to the executive team your plan on how you will be successful in implementing and sustaining this change.

With these thoughts in mind:

By Day 4

Post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

  • In a PowerPoint presentation, summarize how your plan will ensure the change is sustained so that it is embedded in the culture and evaluated to ensure that it is successful.
  • Be specific, and provide examples.
  • Support your examples with 2–3 scholarly references, which you may post in the classroom Discussion as an attachment.
  • APA Format Resources


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