Business Communications Discussion and reply –

Business Communications Discussion and reply –

Business Finance –

Discussion 1

Think of a time (in your current or past place of employment) when you created a business report. If you have never created a business report, think of a potential situation relevant to your field of study in which a business report would be needed. What kinds of Internet research could you do to gather relevant information? What search terms would you use?

Discussion 2

What is the purpose of an executive summary? What items need to be included in an executive summary?

Student’s reply

I was a project manager at the time I wrote the business report. My team was implementing a technology known as Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR detects words on pages and converts them into electronic fields for other computer systems to ingest. The business area that was requesting the implementation of OCR wanted the OCR software to perform with 100% accuracy. The IT team felt this was unreasonable so I began doing some internet research around industry standards to discuss a reasonable expectation with the business area. I searched for terms like “OCR”, “OCR gold standard” and “OCR accuracy” and learned 65-75% accuracy was a more realistic target.

Requirement: I need two totally different short answers for each question (Total 6 answers)

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