business analysis ( lesson 3) –

business analysis ( lesson 3) –

Business Finance –

lass discussion on Chapter 4 (Elicitation and Collaboration) of the BABOK.

  • Role Play an elicitation and collaboration process for new requirement(s).
  • The faculty will provide the class with a set of requirement(s) for a number of changes.
  • Divide the class in groups (see bullet list below) and provide a scenario for the stakeholders, business analysts, and project managers on how they will conduct themselves during the role play.
  • Group of Business Analysts
  • Group of Stakeholders (technical developers and users)
  • Group of Project Managers

  • Before you start your elicitation process, research ethnography and use it when eliciting requirements. Have the class go back into their IT project groups and have the Business Analyst facilitate an elicitation by going through the elicitation process using:
  • Prepare
  • Conduct/observe
  • Confirm
  • Communicate
  • Have a recorder for each phase of the process.
  • Be sure to include what tools and techniques are used to conduct the elicitation.
  • Once the role play is over, take time to review the lessons learned within each group.
  • Be sure to include in your lessons learned how ethnography was used in your role play.

  • Once the lessons learned are done within each group, come back as a class and go over the lessons learned as a class that was recorded by the recorder.
  • As a class, create a list that contains the top 7-10 lessons learned from all the groups.
  • As a class, spend time going over each group’s ethnographic discussion.

  • Submit an updated requirements document on the new requirement(s) that was provided by your faculty that the group used in class.
  • Provide a brief summary on how your team when through the stages of prepare, conduct/observe, confirm, and communicated the elicitation process.
  • Be sure to include how ethnography was used in the elicitation process.