BSHS435 Research Proposal –

BSHS435 Research Proposal –

Humanities –

Read “A 15-Step Model for Writing a Research Proposal” located in the Week 5 Electronic Reserve Readings.

Here are the 15 steps for writing a research proposal. I advise everyone to read this article.

Table 1. 15-step model to writing a research proposal

Step 1 Give the research proposal a title.

Step 2 Provide relevant personal and professional details.

Step 3 Provide a short abstract or summary of around 300 words.

Step 4 Supply five keywords to describe the research proposal.

Step 5 Construct an introduction that contains a rationale and relevant literature review.

Step 6 State the aim, research question, sub-questions and hypotheses/null hypotheses of the proposed research study.

Step 7 Outline the research method.

Step 8 Select setting, participants, sampling method, inclusion/exclusion criteria and method of recruitment.

Step 9 Describe data collection instruments.

Step 10 Detail intended data processing and analysis.

Step 11 Declare any ethical considerations and outline data protection procedures.

Step 12 Produce a timetable and consider potential problems that may occur.

Step 13 Estimate resources that may be required.

Step 14 Append relevant additional material.

Step 15 Append key references

Write a 2,800- to 3,500-word research proposal on a human-services-related topic of your choice.

Include the following:

o Title page

o Abstract

o Introduction and literature review:

o Refer to the Week 2 Learning Team assignments, Research Problem and Literature Review. Literature Review is attached, please pull information needed from it. Research problem is “What is the effect of Early Intervention Services on the probability of Relapse for those with Substance Use Disorders (SUDS)?”

o Make sure that this section address the following:

o Background information on the topic area

o Scope and rationale for the proposal or importance of the study

o Statement of the research question, hypothesis, or research problem

o Methodology

o Participants or target population (age, gender, inclusion and exclusion criteria, and so on)

o Recruitment and informed consent process

o Sampling method and sample size

o Research design, including independent variables and dependent variables

o Instrumentation or data collection methods (including data collection time points, reliability, and validity)

o Proposed data analyses

o Descriptive statistics

o Inferential statistics

o Predicted findings

o Timeline for the proposed study

o References

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and include a title page and a reference page (no abstract is necessary).